November 15, 2017 … Special Drive for collection of Electoral Roll Information and enrollment of eligible citizens in the voters list w.r.t. 01/01/2018 shall commence from 15/11/2017 to 30/11/2017. During the period of Special Drive the BLOs of respective part/polling Station area shall be visiting each and every household within their part for collection of filled Form No. 6 alongwith all the relevant information and documents from the eligible but left out voters of earlier revisions.

Collection of mobile number, email IDs on a family wise format, GIS Coordinates, Collection of updated details of permanently shifted and dead voters for deletion, For correction of entries and replacement of damaged /mutilated EPIC, Collection of details of citizens becoming eligible on 01/01/2019, Collection of details of Overseas Indian Citizens.

During the said drive the citizens are requested to cooperate with BLOs and provide them necessary information so as to update the electoral roll information in the Electoral Roll. Electors may also give their feedback on the existing polling station and their suggestions on alternative buildings which would be more suitable as polling station.

For the information of the public, the BLO details are populated on the website of Chief Electoral Officer, Goa, www. ceogoa.nic.in. For any queries, citizens may call toll free no. 1950 during office hours.



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