Panaji: May 11, 2015 … The Directorate of Women & Child Development has informed to all Griha Aadhar beneficiaries who have been sanctioned their benefits upto 28th February 2015, are hereby informed that total of 111976 Nos. beneficiaries on record who have submitted their Life Certificates before 31st March, 2015 have been credited with their monthly benefits @ Rs. 1200/- (Rupees one thousand two hundred only) for the month of March, 2015 to their respective declared bank account through ECS. The total amount disbursed for the month is Rs. 13.44 crores for all beneficiaries.

          Also in case of beneficiaries whose earlier ECS payment had bounced due to incorrect bank details and who have corrected their bank details with the Department of Women and Child Development Certificates before 31st March, 2015 are also informed that their bounced pending arrears have also been credited to their corrected bank accounts.

          All the concerned beneficiaries are requested to verify their bank account to confirm receipt of the disbursements and incase the amount is not received or for any other discrepancy may contact. Also those beneficiaries who have not yet given their Life Certificates/Income certificates as per scheme should immediately submit to their respective Taluka offices of this Department or contact Griha Aadhar Help Line No. 2438844/8551833933.  


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