Panaji: November 17, 2016 … Government of Goa has commenced the procedure to scrutinize the provisional SC and OBC Caste Certificates issued by respective Deputy Collectors. Accordingly, the Scrutiny Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Social Welfare), Government of Goa for verification of the Provisional Caste Certificate.

In this context, instances have come to the notice of the Scrutiny Committee and Directorate of Social Welfare that there have been some Caste Certificates issued to individuals not belonging to the respective communities. As a result, large numbers of disputed cases are coming up for inquiry before the Scrutiny Committee.

Therefore, it has been decided by the Government to display the names of the applicants who apply for the verification of their Provisional Caste Certificates on the Notice Boards of the concerned local bodies i.e. Village Panchayats, Municipalities and Corporation of the City of Panaji.

All stake holders are requested to take note of this process and forward their objections if any to Directorate of Social Welfare, Panaji within 15 days from the date of display of the notices on the notice boards of respective local bodies.


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