August 13, 2014Chief  Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar will present President Home Guard and Civil Defence Medals for Meritorious Services to Home Guard Platoon Commander Shri Usman Shaikh and Assistant Section Leader Smt. Bharati Naik (Urvasha  Chiklekar ) at the Independence day function at Old Secretariat on August 15.

 Shri Usman Shaikh, Platoon Commander of Home Guards, Mapusa Division and employees of Goa University, Bambolim has been approved President’s Home Guards and Civil Defence Medal for meritorious services on the eve of 67th Independence Day. 

 Shri Usman Shaikh is also the recipient of Chief Minister’s Gold Medal for meritorious services on December 19, 2007. Shaikh has attended 12th All India Home Guards and Civil Defence professional and Sports meet at Gurgaon in 1993, 17th All India Home Guards and Civil Defence Professional and Sports meet at Pune in 1996. He has also done traffic duties, election duties, VVIP bandobast duties during his tenure in the Goa Home Guards. Shri Shaikh is working for Goa University.

 Smt.  Bharati  Naik  (Urvasha Chiklekar) joined the Home Guard organization in the year 1992 and has served the organization with dedication and devotion. She has worked in sections of the Police department such as Accounts, SP (Home Guard), Office of Office Superintendent, Home Guard office.  She is presently working in Police Dispensary under the Police Medical Officer. Prior to joining home guards she was assassinating  in night classes for adult education.  During the police recruitment she gives and valuable assistance as part of the medical team. She has conduted bandobast duties of VIP/VVIPs, Election duty, IFFI bandobast, Exposition and others.

Both  Shri Shaikh and Bharati are receipents of Chief Minister’s Gold Medal for Meritorious Services.



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