Panaji: June 13, 2016 …. The Advisory Committee of PC-PNDT has stressed the need to initiate stringent action against those clinics operating without valid registration and constantly violating PC-PNDT rules.

The PC-PNDT meeting held under the Chairmanship of Shri Swapnil Naik, Collector South Goa in the Conference hall, Mathany Saldanha Administrative complex, Collectorate, South Goa, Margao discussed and reviewed various measures to make people aware of PC-PNDT Act and to conduct site inspections of registered Genetic Laboratories including USG clinics for effective implementation of  PC-PNDT Act recently.

During the course of discussion at the meeting , new Genetic registrations, renewal intimation of  USG machines purchased, installation, change of address of  clinics, quarterly inspection were also discussed to initiate necessary action if required.

The meeting was attended by Shri Jeetendra Bugde, Mamlatdar, Dr. Ira Almeida, Chairperson of Advisory Committee, Dr. Deepak Dhond, Vice- Chairperson and Dr. Yuri  Egipsy, Sr. Gynecologist.


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