Panaji: March 4, 2017 …. Shiny People in association with Prime Advertising, has organized Mandovi river open water swimming rally for young youth of Goa, at Chorao ferry, Ribandar on Sunday March 5, 2017,  between 9.00 a.m. to  12.00 p.m.  All

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Owners/Masters of the barges, passengers, launches, ferry boats, tindels of fishing trawlers and operators of the mechanized and non – mechanized crafts, including the tourist boats, cruise boats, etc. plying in river Mandovi in the said area are hereby cautioned to keep a sharp lookout, go slow and if necessary stop at safe distance so as not to cause any hindrance during the above period and strictly adhere to ‘on the spot instructions’ issued by the patrolling boats stationed at the site. Violations of the above shall be viewed seriously.


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