Panaji, May 10, 2017 …  Government has constituted “North Goa District Leprosy Coordination Committee” to carry out timely review on programmes implementation, involving  different sectors and stakeholders in the State. The committee will comprise of Collector, North Goa Chairman, Director, DMA, Member, Director, Directorate of Panchayat, Member, Director Education, Member, Director Higher Education, Member, Director of Information and Publicity, Member, State Epidemiologist, Member, Health Officer, PHC, Candolim, Member, Health Officer, UHC, Mapusa, Member, Medical Officer I/C, PHC, Corlim, Member, Health Officer, PHC, Aldona, Member and Health Officer, UHC, Panaji, Member

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                  The Committee will meet every quarter to identify specific areas of coordination and collaboration to discuss concerns, best practices that could be replicated.

                  The specific areas will be identified by concerned Health Officer/Medical Officer, I/C of that peripheral Health Centre particular area with regards to case management and treatment of cases. The Committee will give directions for planning/implementation of the programme and also check effective mobilization/pooling resources as and when required.

                  The Committee will also give directions to carry out awareness programmes with involvement of other Government Departments and NGOs. It will also carry out coordination with various Departments to emphasize to accelerate the efforts to achieve early diagnosis and treatment to prevent disability and reduce stigma and discrimination.


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