Panaji: March 16, 2016 … District Magistrate, North has notified the “No Parking and No Entry” in the jurisdiction of Mapusa Municipal Council.

hi this is the best editorial in town

On both the sides of the road proceeding from Dattawadi (Masjid) upto Pilankar junction, On both the sides of the road ( Baba Naik house side) proceeding from Khorlim Simer (Rashtroli Temple) upto Pilankar shop junction (Ansabhat) behind Mapusa Police Station road, The right side of the road while proceeding from Natekar House junction upto Pilankar shop junction proceeding behind Maruti Temple, The left  hand side of the road proceeding from Phadke electrical shop (Hotel Trishul side) up to Ruturai Building,

No Entry on the road from Pilankar junction towards Dattawadi (Masjid),  The road from Dattawadi ( Kamat Garden) towards Electricity Department up to Anandi Niwas Ansabhat and the road proceeding from Ruturai Building towards Mapusa clinic.


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