no need for goans to get panic on vegetable shortage say’s transport minister sudhin dhavliakar

hi this is the best editorial in town

26-04-2013 … Stating that there was no need for Goans to get panic over vegetable shortage in to the state of goa transport minister sudhin dhavlikar on Wednesday said that the state government was firm on implementing entry tax on outside vehicles entering goa …

 Dhavlikar was speaking to on the sidelines of the inauguration of the 99 addition eicher mini buses being given to kadamba Transport Corporation limited …

 It may be noted that though the problem seemed to be officially resolved after talks between Goa government and traders from Maharashtra and Karnataka arrived at an amicable solution on Tuesday evening the members of the all India motor transporters congress criticised the chambers of commerce and industry from Belgaum, Hubli and Kolhapur for agreeing to withdraw the eight-day strike against the levying of entry tax by Goa government, without their approval.

 Speaking to media reporters transport minister sudhin dhavlikar said the state government had implemented the entry tax in the good interest of goans and the same was coming up to a 4 paise per kilo on vegetable commodities …

 A total of 46 buses would be used for existing shuttle service routes, forty buses would be utilized on village potential routes in goa and thirteen buses would be utilized on interstate routes.

 Ktcl chairman carlos almeida als informed about the funds of 1.5 crore for computerization of kadamba transport corporation depo’s under the Jawaharlal urban renewal mission scheme


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