January 29, 2016 … The Governor of Goa, Dr. (Smt.) Mridula Sinha who is a nominee of Prime Minister for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, of which sanitation is an important component, on seeing a news item and photograph in one of the english daily dated 27.01.2016, about contamination of  drinking water at  Caranzalem, near Raj Bhavan, immediately asked for the factual position from the concerned authorities.

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Accordingly, Principal Chief Engineer, PWD Shri D. J. S. Borkar along with his Executive Engineer, met the Secretary to the Governor, Smt. Shilpa Shinde, and informed the position. According to Shri Borkar, when the problem came to notice on Saturday, 23rd January, 2016, his Department plunged into action and disconnected the supply line, and provided  water to the residents in the area through tankers.

He informed that the old pipe line will not be used and instead, drinking water will be supplied to the residents through another existing new parallel line. According to him, the supply through the new line will be started within four days.


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