February 6, 2016 …. Dr. Geeta Nagvekar has been Awarded PHd Degree ( Dr of Philosophy) on the research tittled “ECOLOGY AND MOLECULAR ANALYSIS OF MARINE BACTERIA RESISITANT TO ARSENIC” by the Goa University. The Defgree was conferred on her by  Governor of Goa and Chancellor of the University,  Dr Mrs..Mrudula Sinha,at the convocation ceremony held at Dr Shama Prasad Mukherjee stadium at Goa University.

 She has been selected recently in  group “A”  Gazatted Junior Scale Officer in Govt. of Goa. The exam held recently where she has excelled in the same exam by securing highest marks and standing first in the merit list.

 Dr. Nagvekar completed secondary Education at New Goa High School, Mapusa,Higher Secondary Education in Science at St. Xavier higher Secondary Mapusa, Bsc in marine science at St Xaviers College ,Mapusa, Msc in Marine Science at Goa University, Phd in Marine science at NIO Donapaula.

 She has  also excelled in law degree at VVM Salgaonkar Collge of law, Masters in Law Specialized in intellectual property right securing first Class


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