directorate of panchayats givesn administrative approvals to over 24 village panchayat’s all over goa for setting up garbage treatment plants

17-09-2013 … In a bid to promote setting up of garbage treatment sites in state village panchayat’s the directorate of panchayats has given over administrative approvals to over 24 village panchayat’s all over goa …

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According to the directorate of panchayat’s office there are more than hundred village panchayats out of 190 panchayat’s who have identified garbage treatment site in their respective village panchayats

Speaking to goanreporter directorate of panchayats narayan sawant said Through the garbage management scheme his office had asked village panchayats to identify their respective sites and as per our report around 100 plus panchayats have identified their sites though it was not finalized ……

Commenting over the changes in the amendment rules to the goa panchayat raj act sawant said that the amendments were in the final stage where in there was a suggestion to give the delimitation process to the state election commission on which the government has considered and were working on it

Sawant also stated that certain amendments would also be brought at the gram Sabha which were very important at panchayat level as the gram sabhas were very important for the people to play a very important role in the development of the village


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