Panaji: February 4, 2018 …. The Nobel Laureates Prof.Christiane Nusslein-Volhard in a Nobel dialogue said that for teachers it is important to see the potential of the student and bring out their capabilities. The dialogues was moderated by Gustav Kallstrand

           While addressing the gathering Prof. Volhard said that nowadays it has become easier to get knowledge as there are many sources from where we can derive information. Prof. Volhard also advised to choose something in the long run that makes one happy.

           The Nobel Laureates Professor Serge Haroche while sharing his experience sad that he was lucky to study in the institution which gave him freedom to express, and also gave opportunity to bring out his potential .

            Answering a question about whether education and innovation are linked together Professor Serge Haroche said that Education is long term activity which gives result later in future whereas Innovation is a short term activity which includes all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into useful products which is pushed faster to get financial outcome. Professor Serge Haroche also was of the opinion that it is important to have teacher who can open your imagination and the mind.

              The Nobel Laureates Professor Richard J Robert said that the power of communicating is very important. One of the thing that scientist can’t do is to communicate with people .if they are able to communicate, it will be easier for them to explain their experiment to the people.

             Answering a question about how teachers can contribute to a better world Professor Richard said that it is important for a teacher to realize that while teaching student you are also creating impact on parents.


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